How to Style White Booties

Have you ever wanted to hop on a fashion trend but not totally sure how you feel about it just yet? Have you ever wanted to try something new, but didn't know how it would look on you?

That was me with white booties. I have been eyeing them since before the trend was "popular" but I was not completely sold on them. I was scared that if I bought them I would never wear them or they would look weird on me or I wouldn't know how to style them right.

... Well I finally gave in and got some this summer.


I have gotten a few messages over he last couple of months about my thoughts on white booties and what's the best way to style them, or the "right" way to style them.

Wanna know something cool?! Regardless of how everyone else is wearing them, however YOU choose to style them, is the right way to style them. There is no rule book that says:


No. That't not how fashion works. There is no right or wrong way to wear anything. But I know there are people out there that are hesitant to buy things, in this case white booties, because of the uncertainty of how to style them. So I am here to give you a few IDEAS of how I personally wear them. Like I said there is no "right" or "wrong" way to wear them, but this is just how I would personally wear them so hopefully this post will give you some inspiration.

I would love to see how you style them as well, so when you wear them, post it on your Instagram and tag me in it (@kendallbrookeblog), I love getting inspiration from you as well.


Leggings are always a good idea...

You may think that white booties have to be worn with jeans or skirts or something a little more dressy, which yes they can be (you'll see those ideas below), but you can also be comfortable and cute. By wearing white booties with leggings, this allows you the option to "dress up" a more casual and comfy outfit. So you can still wear your favorite sweater and leggings and then throw on those booties and BOOM! You just spiced up a casual outfit.


Jeans are fun too!

Jeans are still a super fun way to wear white booties because the possibilities are endless with such a diverse selection of jeans out there. I love wearing my white booties with a little more of a straight leg pant because it adds a little something extra to the outfit. Or your skinny jeans are always a good and safe option as well. With white booties, you are not limited to the style, nor the color of jeans you can wear. Personally I have worn them with a light wash denim, a dark wash denim, and (my personal favorite) black jeans. Black jeans are probably what I wear them the most with but (of course) you are not limited to just that option. That is what also makes white booties so amazing and versatile. I just love that essentially there are no limitations with them.


Easy, Breezy, Skirt Girl.

Last, but definitely not least, the skirt option. This is my absolute most favorite way to dress up white booties. You can wear any print, any length, and basically any color you want. And like I said with jeans, your possibilities are endless with ways to style your white booties with skirts.

I hope that you find this helpful when thinking of ways you want to style your own white booties. Something to always remember, the possibilities are endless in the fashion world, you are not limited to anything. Your only limitation is your mind and what you tell yourself. Throw on what YOU think looks good and ROCK it girlfriend. Walk with confidence and who knows, you may have just set a new trend.

Love Kendall

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