What to Wear to Family Gatherings

"Did you get those holy jeans for half off because you're missing half of the material."

- Every grandma ever.

I am here to help you this holiday season to avoid that awkward question that you don't really know how to respond. This post is designed to help you throw together an appropriate outfit for any family gathering all while remaining very comfortable. All of these outfits are designed to be able to eat all the good food + dessert. Ain't nobody got time for tight clothes at a feast.


You FANCY Fancy.

If your family is notorious for dressing up and going all out during the holidays, then this dress is a staple to add to your closet.  Who said that you had to be uncomfortable if you dress up?! This dress is so comfortable but still put together. You can dress it up even more with these studded heels, which by the way, are my favorite of all time. These heels are so sassy and add a little extra something to every outfit.

This dress is perfect because it has an elastic waist band that is not restricting at all and also very flattering on everyone. It hit at just the right spot for length, I am 5'9" and it is perfect on me. Something else that is nice about the flexibility in the waist band is you can pull it up or down depending on how tall or short you are.

Got Room for Food?!

The best thing you will ever invest in is a poncho like this one. It is not only like a blanket on your body, but it is also perfect to hide all the turkey and dressing I know you are going to be shoveling in your mouth. This outfit is a little dressy with the skirt but still SUPER comfortable and totally easy to replicate. Want to know another bonus about this poncho? When it's time for that afternoon thanksgiving nap, you don't have to worry about searching around for a blanket. You already have one so you can just wrap yourself up wherever you find fit and take a nap.


Cute and Casual

This next option is a good middle of the road option. I love wearing comfy and cozy sweaters and dressing them up or down with my shoes. It is crazy how your shoes can determine the whole vibe of your outfit. I got this sweater at a boutique in Seminole called EverlyRose but I linked a few similar options on the LTK app.


Get Your Stretchy Pants Out Ladies

Let's be honest here... this is basically my go-to every year. My family keeps gathering very casual and I am not opposed to it. I love that I can wear leggings, a tee, and a cardigan and it be perfectly acceptable. This graphic tee from Charlie & Grace is a STAPLE for Thanksgiving. You can also see how I styled it with a skirt here. This cardigan is actually sold out from the boutique I snagged it from but I will link a few very similar options.

These are a few ways that I love to dress for the holidays to ensure comfort is the main priority, while still looking cute. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below which one you're mostly likely to wearing this holiday season.

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