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Recently I have been using my self tanner a lot more because I finally found one that I really liked and a routine that works for me. Y'all have actually noticed too because I have gotten a few questions over on my instagram about what tanner I have been using. Here is all the details about exactly what I do and what I use. I used to use a few drug store self tanners and found that those are okay for one day uses but usually fade very quickly and very splotchy. So I decided to splurge a little and see if it made a difference and it for SURE did. You absolutely get what you pay for and what you want is a good quality, long lasting tan, righhtttt?!


This is the most important step in my opinion. This step will determine whether your tan in going to look flawless or not. You have to exfoliate and scrub your body super good!!! I have linked a few of my favorite exfoliants below; 2 body scrubs, 2 scrubbers/sponges, and a lip exfoliating mask.

If you don't want to by a scrub AND a scubber then I would recommend just getting a exfoliating body sponge. This is what is really going to get all the dead skin off the best.

The sugar scrubs DO exfoliate and remove the dead skin, but it ALSO moisturizes as well to keep from having dry flaky skin. Does that make sense?! LOL.


If I do use a SUGAR SCRUB then I skip this step because these ones I use (linked above) are moisturizing as well and I don't want my skin to be so silky smooth that the tan just slides right off!

But if you just used the body sponge (and not a sugar scrub) then this is a step you can choose to add into your routine. Just know this step is *optional* and I usually only moisturize before if I am not tanning until the NEXT day. This allows time for the lotions to set in and not be too slippery. But if I exfoliate and then immediately tan after my shower, I do not moisturize before. 

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Now for the main attraction and what you've all been waiting for! So I will be the first to admit I have not tried all of the "high end" self tanners on the market but I do plan on trying more to give you a review of my favorites. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

But I have been using this Loving Tan Self Tanner for almost 3 months now (still on my first bottle too, HOLLA!) and I love it so much. It has the best color and does not fade splotchy, which is a HUGE must for me. The worst is when your tan is fading and you look like a baby giraffe. Ya know what I'm sayin'?!

I know this brand and a few other tanners have their own application mitts, but I have found THIS ONE from Amazon works the best!!! It is actually the same price as the other ones too but just a better product. So I recommend getting the one from Amazon.

The Loving Tan has an amazing and natural looking color, it does not start out looking orange and it does not fade to an orange color at all! Something else that I love about this self tanner is that it has a really good guide so you can see exactly where you have applied and where you missed. I do use the 2 hour express (in the shade dark) so it does not take long to develop at all.

If I apply it at night, then I will just it off the next morning after it developed. But if for some reason I do it in the morning, then I just wear it all day and wash it off at night. I have found that this tan will last me around 4-5 days before "maintenance".


After a few days (usually around day 4 or 5 for me) my color starts to fade a little bit. How I maintain my tan and extend it for a few more days is by putting THESE drops in my lotion. So I'm sure you have seen these drops everywhere by now, they're super popular. Some people will use them as their main body tanner, which you can do, but I like to use them solely for my face and to extend my tan. I have found that that's the best way to use them.

They're so stinkin' easy to use and I love that all you have to do is put a couple drops into a moisturizer/lotion of your choice and apply like normal lotion. The only CON I have with these drops is that there is not a "guide" to go by. So that is the reason I don't use it as my main initial self tanner.

You can click on any of the products below and it will send you directly to the retailer to shop**

I hope this was helpful if you're looking for ways to improve your current tanning routine or even if you're looking to start one. This is just what I personally love and use every time I do my self tanner and this is the routine that I have found works the best. Let me know your favorite self tanner in the comments below and I would love to try it out and compare all of everyone's favorites! <3

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