Office Organization

Let me preface by saving that 97% of the time my desk is actually a huge mess and full of papers and projects. I am always working on something, so whenever I finally get it cleaned off, two seconds later it's a disaster again.  BUT, I managed to keep it clean long enough to take pictures of it to show y'all my little office space. LOL! This is where I do almost all of my work so I like for everything to be (semi) organized, so I don't have to spend unnecessary time searching for lost things. If I keep my office and desk space organized, then that cuts down the possibility of things getting lost.


What's on the surface?

I try to keep what is on top of my desk to a minimum as far as decor and storage things. This allows me for more space to work and (when it is clean) it looks nicer and more appealing to the eye.

I keep these two desktop file organizers on my desk for papers that I am currently working on or that may need to be put away in my files later. I also use them to store notebooks or similar items that I am also currently using and don't want to put away just yet.

Old books always make for great decor and only take up minimal space. BONUS! I love using these to decorate because it an easy way to add height to a shelf or a space like this.

Lastly, I just added fresh flowers. I LOVE flowers so anytime I can add them to a space I capitalize on it. I don't always have them on my desk, but when I do I feel like it brightens up a room.


Inside my desk...

This is the inside of my desk drawer (obviously). I have recently added these organizers to this draw and it has been a game changer for SURE. It keeps everything separated and categorized properly, making it super easy to stay organized. When you have a place for every thing, then you are more likely to put it back where it belongs vs. just throwing it in the draw and creating a huge mess-- which is super easy to do!


Last, but certainly my favorite!!!

This shelf has quickly become my favorite part of this room. It actually used to be my tv stand at my old house and I was unsure of what to do with it when I moved. I finally decided to hang it up in my office and use it as storage and I have not regretted it since.

I kept it very simple in the space, but also very functional. The three small wicker baskets are all used to store things that I either didn't have a place for, or were taking up space in my best drawer.


As you can see the first basket on the far left is where I store my camera stuff that I use most frequently (the big empty spot is where I put my camera). The middle basket is where I store stationery hings. The last basket on the right is charger and extension cords.

The last basket has probably been the best decision I had when I decided to designate a whole basket to loose chargers and extra boxes. This way they are all in one place and not floating around the house everywhere.


I hope this was helpful for you. I love making my space as functional as possible and this is what is currently working for me. Since I do work from this space all the time, I like to keep things as minimal and efficient as possible. If you have any questions or need any help organizing your space don't hesitate to ask. I'd love to help!

And always remember; Girl, you are a pretty choice.

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