10 Ways to Style a Graphic Tee

Happy Thursday everyoneeee! It’s almost Friday so you know what that means… you need to celebrate by TREATIN' YO SELF. And what better way than adding some of these fun staple graphic tees to your closet. 😉 These are my top 10 favorite ways to style a graphic tee.  Whenever I was styling each outfit I found myself really trying to get out of my comfort zone and style different ways then I normally would and let me tell you… I LOVED every single one of them!!! They are all so simple and achievable. Something that I love about graphic tees is that you are pretty much limitless and all of these outfits are interchangeable. I know this is something I say with almost everything I post (seeing a pattern yet?) but I am all about getting the most wears out of things I buy so I love pieces that are versatile. Anyone else?!

Outfit #1- White on White

Makeup Graphic Tee for women
Makeup Graphic Tee for women

First up we have this adorable white makeup graphic tee. I actually shared this one during my first amazon haul post, so this may look very familiar. White on white has been my favorite combo for a while now, I just love how clean it looks. But truth be told, I haven’t actually gotten to wear white on white because I literally have z e r o white pants, until now. I actually found these at Marshalls the other day and LOVE them. This combo paired perfectly with a basic black belt and my snakeskin mules. The exact ones I am wearing are no longer in stock so I linked very similar ones.

Outfit #2- NASA Blues

Nasa Graphic Tee for women
Nasa graphic tee for women

Next up, the famous NASA graphic tee that I wear on repeat. I actually found this one whenever wandering around Target one day (shocker I know) and it was randomly set on a shelf by itself and I picked it up and *WHAT DO YOU KNOW* it was my size, so I guess you could say it was definitely meant to be from the beginning. LOL, but in all seriousness,  this is one of my favorite. Another go-to for me is to just throw on some denim shorts and white sneakers to complete the outfit. This is how I would wear this tee out to the store or running errands or really anywhere. This whole outfit gets repeated very often.

Outfit #3- Good Vibes Only

Good vibes graphic tee for women
good vibes graphic tee for women

Another amazon find that I have shared before. Anytime I wear this graphic tee I never get a picture, so I am glad I finally snapped a picture of this outfit. This tank comes in a few colors and also with sleeves, but I went with the purple rainbows for something different and it is a color I have been loving lately. These white denim shorts are to die for, I recently just purchases and I am already in love. They are so soft and stretchy and the perfect length with a just enough distressing. These fun designer dupe sneakers, are so stinking cute! I haven't seen anything like them before so whenever the boutique posted them on their instagram feed I just knew I had to have them.

Outfit #4- Kind is Cool

kindness graphic tee for women
kindness graphic tee for women

I bought this graphic tee about a month ago and fell in love with it since the moment I saw it on my instagram feed. The saying on the front says, “kind people are my kinda people” and this is one of my favorite quotes lately. The colors in this white tee pair perfect with these army green shorts (also one of my all-time favorite shorts). The lettering on the front is yellow, orange-ish and green and it is also distressed. I threw on these platform sandals for a little more "put together" look but can also throw on some cute sneakers or sandals for a more casual vibe.

Outfit #5- Rolling Stones

band graphic tees for women
band graphic tees for women

Does this graphic tee look familiar... specifically the whole top part of this outfit? I paired this same white blazer with this rolling stones graphic tee whenever I did my jogger post (you can see that here). I think that these two go together so well, so I decided to pair them up again just with different bottoms to see another way to wear it. These are my favorite denim shorts right now. They are the perfect amount of distressing and such a good length. They also high waisted and come in so many different styles and colors. If you watch my insta stories then you know I just got these nude heels the other day and I’m already in loveeee. I have been trying to find every excuse to wear them, I couldn’t leave them out of this try-on, that would just be rude. 😉 My whole outfit actually ended up being one of my favorites, which I did not expect in the beginning. I had originally paired this outfit with some sneakers, which is how I would wear this outfit on an everyday basis, but I decided to spice it up. I would wear these heels to dress it up for more of a date night look, or a girl’s night out.

Outfit #6- Mellow Yellow

yellow graphic tees for women
yellow graphic tees for women

I have actually had this tee since last year and it is still a favorite of mine. I have some bad news though... Since I bought it last year they non longer have it, but I am linking a couple similar options.  The front of it says “Palm Trees, Warm Breeze” and I feel like whenever I put this on I should definitely be transported to a beach (I wish). It is such a fun bright color for summer and perfect if you have a beach trip coming up (or if you’re like me it’s just wishful thinking). I paired it with these gingham shorts and my Tory Burch Miller sandals for a laid back every day look. I usually pick something that is comfortable and effortless, so this is a go-to look for sure.

Outfit #7- Peachy

retro graphic tees for women
retro graphic tees for women

Does this tee just not make you instantly happy?! This graphic tee gave me allll the ‘70s vibes. I even went as far as to pairing it with bell bottoms. LOL! I love the colors of this one so much, perfect for summer!! But even more than that I love the saying because it reminds me of my dad. Growing up, if I asked him “well how’s it goin’?” he would almost always response with “justttt peachy”. I linked some similar jeans because I have had these forever also and I don't know if they still make these exact ones. I threw on the same platform sandals from early to complete this outfit.

Outfit #8- Willie Love This One

Willie Nelson Graphic tee for women
Western graphic tee for women

Okay so this Willie Nelson graphic tee was a late-night amazon find that I was not totally sure about if we’re being honest. I contemplated buying it because it isn’t a shirt I would normally reach for, BUT it ended up being the softest, cutest, most comfortable tee out of this whole haul. I think it is so stinkin’ cute and such a fun and different graphic tee. And frankly, I think that it is hilarious. The tee says "Have a Willie Nice Day" and I decided to add this hat for more of a “western” *yee haw* look. This was one of the outfits that isn't something I would normally gravitate towards wearing but I ended up loving it. I will definitely be wearing this outfit on repeat in the future and just switching up my accessories.

Outfit #9- Total Babe

babes support babes graphic tee for women
graphic tee for women

I love the meaning behind this tank. I am going to try and not go off on a tangent here but I love this “new” movement and motto that ladies everywhere are adapting, “Babes Support Babes”. I think that it is so important to support your friends, family, people you don’t know. Literally anyone and everyone. We rise by lifting others up and helping them do good. So the secret to making it in life… helping others get there too. *mic drop* Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Hahaha!

Anywho, about this outfit. I paired this distressed tank with these *super* distressed jeans. I have shared these jeans before, and while they may be too hole-y for some people, they are the most comfortable jeans ever. While the holes are bigger now than when I originally bought them, I think that it allows for more airflow and makes it perfect to wear in the summer. I have actually had this tank for a little while now, but I bought it before I saw the t-shirt version of it with sleeves. (I will link both options for you in case you prefer on over the other.) I love the tank for summertime, but I think I would have preferred the short sleeve one better for year around.

Outfit #10- Need Coffee NOW

coffee graphic tee for women

Okay... This is a prime example of what happens whenever I don't have my coffee. Now I know this may not really matter to you but I did take better pictures of this shirt but they are still on my camera... which is at my house and I am currently headed out of town without the better/ higher quality pictures (first world probs). Just know that this shirt is way better quality than this picture! LOL!!

But if this graphic tee doesn’t speak to your soul then I don’t know if we can be friends… Kidding, but how true is this?! I feel like I always need my coffee to function properly. The colors in this shirt are not only cute but make it so easy to pair with just about anything. I paired this shirt with my favorite chambray shorts and only the best house shoes for my everyday around the house look. I like to call this comfy-casual. It’s my signature look 😉 I don't know if you're into house shoes like me, but I literally wear these all the time around the house. They are a little bit of an investment but I for sure get my money's worth out of it. I have had these for two years now and they look pretty much brand new still.

Well... That's all folks...

WOW! That was a lot longer than I anticipated but I had so much fun styling all of these different outfits. Whenever I was planning this post in the beginning I had maybeee 5 shirts in mind that I was going to do (some of you probably wish I would have stuck with that) but whenever I was going through my shirts, I found so much more graphic tees than I remembered having so it just kept multiplying. Oh well, the more the merrier.

*HUGE* thank you to my brother, Parker, for being so patient and doing such an amazing job being my personal photographer this week. You’re hired 😉 Also, sorry for all the outfits… I won’t trick you next time into thinking there will be less.

If you made it this far, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU. Do me a favor and let me know what your favorite outfit was. Comments on this post or head over to Instagram and tell me over there, can’t wait to hear which one you pick!!!

Love Kendall

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