Gift Guide for The Cook

Have someone that's hard to shop for but they love to cook? Or maybe they've been looking for new gadgets to make life easier in the kitchen? Here are 10 unique kitchen finds from Amazon that anyone would love!

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Unique Items on My List;

Indoor's S'mores Maker (#1)-- This little gadget would be so fun with your kids or for a date night. The awesome thing about this is that it is small enough that it is portable. Night date to the drive in? Take along your s'more maker!

Wine Opener Gift Set (#3)-- This set includes; an electric bottle opener, air pump cork extractor (for those that get stuck), foil cutter to easily remove the foil on the bottle, a couple bottle stoppers, display tray and more. SUCH an awesome gift!

Kitchen Must Haves That I Love;

Veggie Slicer (#7)-- This will make your life 1000% easier. It comes with different size blades that evenly slide up your veggies all within second. No more wasting time cutting every little thing during food prep.

Air Fryer (#8)-- this air fryer has saved me SO much time and energy in the kitchen. You can put just about anything in here (quesadilla's are my current favorite in here). The air fryer evenly cooks your food , leaving it with a nice crisp (not burnt) and also doesn't leave your food greasy either.

Hi girl! If you love a good deal, all things fashion + beauty, and Amazon-- you're in the right place. Grab your cup of coffee, find your quiet hiding place, and let's get to shopping.