All the Things You Need to Complete Your Wardrobe This Season

We are currently in full swing of sweater weather season, and I am SO dang happy! I love this time of year whenever the cool, crisp fall breeze is just perfect to wear all of the cute fall clothes that I have been trying to force for the past month or two. Nonetheless, I am so excited to share with you my basic, go-to outfits that will be perfect for any fall/winter day.

I don't think I have ever loved an outfit more and this makes all my neutral dreams come true. I love the camel color in the scarf and how it ties in so perfectly with this trench coat. This will (no doubt) be my most worn outfit throughout the whole season.

This trench coat is something I have been on the hunt for for nearly two months. Funny thing is, this exact one I am wearing was the first one I ever saw but just never pulled the trigger. And every time I would walk into Target and turn the corner around the dollar spot area, this coat would be there in plain sight saying "take me with youuuuu". HAHAHA! In all seriousness, I did walk by this coat multiple times before I finally decided to purchase it. I did my research and this trench coat is THE best bang for your buck.

Can we talk about this scarf for a second? I didn't know I needed it until I ordered it on a whim and now I think I need it in every dang color. It is the softest scarf you will ever wear and it's not itchy in the slightest. I think the fringe on the bottom adds such a fun detail to any outfit

While an all black outfit is so chic and sassy, you can switch out any piece of this outfit with different items you have in your closest. And what that means to you is that you are getting multiple outfits, many different ways without having to buy a whole new wardrobe. The real value in that is you are not going over your monthly shopping allowance and your husband will thank you for that!

Next up, we have a cozy casual cardigan outfit. Cardigans are such an amazing staple to have in your closet because you can dress them up for a night out or you can literally wear them with your pajamas around the house, your choice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

With this outfit I kept the all black look, except I threw on a black bodysuit with this one instead of the turtleneck. I love to wear body suits with cardigans because they usually don't roll up underneath and it stays tucked in so you don't have to worry about an outfit malfunction.

This is a look that you can totally recreate and go so many different ways with it by simply changing up your shoes. I wore snakeskin booties with this for a little more "dress-up" look but if you wore sneakers or mules then you would for sure get more of a super casual vibe. While my outfit is still casual and comfy, you can make it as dressy or not as you wish by swapping out your shoes.

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, this super duper cozy comfy outfit. If you are anything like me then you LOVE any outfit that doesn't require jeans. Like jeans areย okay, but leggings are the

If you saw my post a few weeks ago on the Spanx Faux Leather leggings, then you know my love runs deep for this brand. (And if you missed it, you should really go check it out.) These camo leggings are some of my new favorites. If the leather leggings weren't for you, maybe they were too shiny or whatever, then these will be PERFECT. They still suck you in and do all the things that Spanx do for you, plus they have a fun (but subtle) pattern on them, and what that means for you is that you aren't just getting another basic black pair of leggings (which they have too if you want that). You are getting a fun and edgy pair of leggings that will go with all the things and make your booty look amazing!!!

Back on track though, this is an outfit that I wear to class or the grocery store or just to run errands or wherever. I love this comfy sherpa hoodie that is SO dang soft. I could just lounge in it all day; just keep in mind that it is very warm, but perfect on those chilly days.

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If you get any of these items or recreate them with things you already have, be sure to tag me in them!!! I linked my socials below so you can find me quicker (follow me while you're there, would ya? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love seeing how y'all style things and I would love to share for everyone else to see as well!

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