Daily Skin Care Routine

This is my current every daily skin care routine. I have been using these products for around two months now and have seen such a difference in my skin. I tend to switch up my skin care routine a couple times a year, depending on the weather and other factors that are in place. BUT, these few skin care products are my current favorites and are tried and true. The cleanser, toner, and moisturizer is what I use every single morning and night. The other *bonus items* (located at the end of this post) that I use, I alternate them every other night or 2-3 times a week. Everything in this post has been a game changer for my skin for sure and has helped transform my face and leave it feeling so soft and smooth. These skin care products are things that are super affordable and will also help transform your daily skin care routine as well.

This gentle face wash has been my go-to for getting all my makeup off. I have been using this one for almost two months and it is super gentle on my sensitive skin. I have acne prone skin, so this cleanser cleans out all of my pores without clogging them. It is super affordable and would definitely recommend if you have sensitive skin as well.

Now I know this isn't an actual face product, BUT it is something that I use every single time I wash my face. This face scrubber is the best thing ever, seriously. My mom actually put it in my stocking one year and I have used it everyday since. It really helps get all of my makeup off without holding bacteria and left over makeup on it like some facial scrubbers/brushes. I don't actually know where she got this exact one but I linked the closest one I could find. I think it is actually time for a new one so I bought these to try out.

This Murad Clarifying Toner has worked wonders for my skin these past few months. I was shopping around one day for a new toner and this is the one that someone in the store recommended me and I have been hooked ever since. It leaves my face feeling so refreshing and does not dry out my face at all. I love how it has made my skin feel.

The last step in my religious, every morning and night, skin care routine is this Origins moisturizer. It smells like oranges and also make my face feel so clean and refreshed. It actually says "energy-boosting cream" and whenever you put this on your skin, you can feel just that. I think that this moisturizer just wakes up my face every morning. This face lotion hydrated my skin so well without clogging my pores.

Bonus Items

I use my jade roller almost every night after my whole skin care routine and then some mornings if I have time. I usually do it about 5-10 minutes all over my face. For added benefits, I keep mine in the freezer. And let me tell you, that feel SO good and refreshing. I actually purchased my Jade roller from Ulta a while back and I honestly purchased it because everyone else was really talking them up but whenever I started using it more consistently I noticed a big different in the brightness of my skin. The jade roller promotes blood flow and helps with anti-aging. There are many more benefits that you can read about here as well.

This is the derma roller that I use on my face. It has micro needles that are 25 mm (the smallest needles). Now I know how intimidating 'needles rolling on your face' can sounds, but I am the biggest baby whenever it comes to needles. So trust me whenever I say; It does not hurt at all, not even a little. This does not damage your skin, it actually promotes collagen and healthy glowing skin. You can read more about the benefits and uses here. This as well as the jade roller, have improved the texture and appearance of my skin tremendously.

I'm sure you have seen these all over instagram and seen everyone talk about these tanning drops. Now I don't personally use them all over my body like some people do (even though you for sure could), I just use them on my face instead of my tanner that I use on my body.

Do you shave your face? Well if you don't... shave your face girl!! You will not believe the difference in how much better your products and makeup will go on your face. I also suggest to try derma-planing sometime because that will really get all the dead skin off along with the hair that is on your face.

If you buy one thing today, let it be this. These razors are so inexpensive and so easy to use. You can thank me later. 😉

Last, but not least, this is the gel that I use to spot treat. While I know not everyone struggles with acne, this gel is a good on for those who do. It works so well and fast! If you have blemishes and are looking for a spot treatment, this is it.

Love Kendall

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